Cheer FAQs

The following page contains a list of the most common questions related to our West Linn Youth Cheer program. Please review to clarify any questions you may have. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact our Youth Cheer Coordinator at:

Q: When will the teams cheer?

A: The teams will cheer on Saturdays at West Linn High School. Games are anytime between 9am and 7pm start times. The younger teams are earlier and the 8th grade teams will usually be late afternoon to early evening.


Q: Will there be away games to cheer for as well?

A: Possibly, if we have enough kids to make more than 2 teams per age group, then we will have the teams rotate and cheer at an occasional away game.


Q: When do the teams practice?

A: Each team will be practicing once a week at a specific time for an hour. Specifics regarding dates & times are being worked out with the school district for space and will be available as the season nears. Practices will likely be grouped by grades, with 3rd - 6th practicing as a group and 7th - 8th practicing as a group.


Q: What if my child plays another fall sport, can she still participate?

A: We understand there may be some children who play other sports or have multiple activities. By keeping the practices to once a week, our hope is your child will be able to do both. If there is overlap, it's ok for your child to miss an occasional game. However, we are hoping to prepare your child for a High School Cheer squad and strongly encourage grades 6,7 and 8 to be at all games and practices.


Q: What does my $225 registration fee cover?

A: The $225 covers the uniform which includes (microfiber skirt and top, briefs, metallic poms, sparkle bow, hoodie and camp t-shirt). It also includes an insurance fee, registration fee and 3-day camp in August (see Key Dates for Cheer for details).


Q: Are there any other costs not included in the $225?

A: The only other costs you will incur are for a white pair of tennis shoes and black spandex. Neither are included with the registration fee. In the past, we negotiate an affordable price for white shoes at Dick's.


Q: What if my daughter cheered last year and her uniform still fits?

A: We are getting new uniforms this year!


Q: When is the Cheer Camp?

A: We will be having a 3-day Cheer Camp in August. Camp is typically scheduled in the evening to accommodate working families. We are currently coordinating with the school to secure dates and location. Please check the Key Dates Page or Cheer Page for updates.


Q: What if we are gone the week of camp?

A: It would be great if your child could be there as this is the time that your child will learn all of their material for the season.


Q: What if my child can't do the splits, or tumble?

A: No worries, they don't need to know how to do the splits. However, this year we are encouraging grades 6-8 to attend one day of tumbling classes outside of cheer practice.


Q: Who is coaching and how many teams will there be?

A: We have hired two coaches for our teams. They are safety certified and have great cheer experience. Alyssa and Courtney will work with the girls to develop skills at practices and at camp. We are asking parents to consider volunteering as a "team mom" to support the coaching staff selected this year. You will have an opportunity to let us know in your registration if you are interested in helping. More details to follow.


Q: Will there be opportunity to volunteer other than coaching?

A: Yes, we are looking for other parent volunteers to help with other aspects of the West Linn Youth Cheer program and to keep the program for years to come.