Registration Frequently Asked Questions

The following page contains a list of the most common questions or issues we have regarding registration. Please review to clarify any questions you may have. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact our Registrar at:

Q: I haven't received my confirmation email after registering. What should I do?

A: If you find that you didn't receive and email shortly after completing the registration process (please allow up to 24 hours), you can go into your account (go to Member Login) and print them from there. After logging into your member account, select Past Registrations in the Account Options section and you should see a "Print Forms" button on the right hand-side of this year's registration.

To further troubleshoot the issue, please check any "spam" or "junk" folders you may have within your email program to see if the email was blocked. If so, please identify the sender account on that email as "not spam/junk" to ensure you receive future communications.


Q: We've lost our printed registration forms and the medical release forms (or they didn't print correctly). How can we get new copies?

A: If you need to reprint your registration forms or the medical release form for whatever reason and you no longer have them via email, you can go to your Member Login and reprint them from there. After logging into your member account, select Past Registrations in the Account Options section and you should see a "Print Forms" button on the right hand-side of this year's registration.


Q: I'm not completely sure what official boundary we live in and therefore, what youth football organization we should register for. How can I get this information?

A: Please refer to our Boundary Information page to verify what boundary you're in and take the appropriate steps outlined there. Please do this before going through the registration process.


Q: Our doctor's office has their own sports physical forms that they use or I still have a form from a previous year. Can I use one of these forms when submitting my child's forms?

A: For compliance purposes, we do not and can not accept any other variations of a sports physical form, other than the one provided during this year's registration process. Forms from your physician's office or forms from prior years can not be accepted.

Additionally, please be sure that your physical form is signed, dated and has the phone number for their office.


Q: In the past, I've just filled out hand-written forms and/or got the forms when I went to the equipment check out. Can I just do this again this year?

A: Absolutely not! Due to increased focus on compliance this year, all forms MUST be printed out, dated and signed by the participant's legal guardian. No hand-written forms will be accepted and equipment will not be issued until all forms have been turned in. No exceptions to this policy will be made.


Q: In the past, we've brought our friend's and neighbor's players with us to the equipment checkout. Is this still allowed?

A: Since we will no longer be providing equipment to any player who does not have fully complete/compliant paperwork, we ask and strongly recommend that each and every family ensure that a legal guardian accompany their child to the equipment checkout.

In the event that modifications are required, the legal guardian MUST be present to make any corrections. If the legal guardian is not present, the equipment will not be checked out and you will have to attend the scheduled make-up session.

Q: When do we get equipment and when do we start practicing, etc?

A: This information and other date related information can be found on our Key Dates page as it becomes available. Generally, we establish check out dates for two separate weekends as the season approaches. As the season nears, you will see league-wide communications regarding this topic as well.


Q: What is included in the registration?

A: Your season registration includes:

- Participation in the Championship Football Camp to start the season

- Use of necessary football equipent: helmet, shoulder pads and football pants
- Will also receive & keep a game jersey and mouthguard

For additional details, please review our Camps & Clinics page.

What is WLYF refund policy?

A: Our current refund policy is the following:

- 100% refund when canceling prior to the end of June with a $25 administrative fee assessed

- 75% refund when canceling between July 1st and before the start of the Championship Football Camp

- 50% refund when canceling between the first day of the Championship Football Camp and Picture Day
- No refunds for cancelations after Picture Day

See our Key Dates page for specific dates. If you have additional questions regarding this subject, please contact our Treasurer (

I'd like to coach or volunteer to help out my child's team. How do I sign up for that?

A: If you would like to be considered for a coaching role within the WLYF organization, please complete the "2013 Season - Coaches" registration process, which can be found by following the Register Now link on the Register Online Now page. For additional details, please review the Coaching Information page.

If you have specific questions regarding coaching, please contact our Coaches Cordinator (Bobby DeBisschop). We also recommend you take a look at our Volunteer Opportunities page to get additional information.


Is financial assistance available or do you offer scholarships?

A: Any request for financial assistance and/or scholarship will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To make a request of this kind, please review our Scholarship Information page for details. Any information shared for these purposes will remain strictly confidential.


Q: Can I make payments instead of paying in full, up front?

A: Yes, you are able to set up automated payments through our Automated Payment Plan. Here's how it works:

Automated Payment Plan - During the registration process, you will have the option of paying in full (by credit card or by check) or you can enroll in our automated payment plan. If you select this option, you are required to make an initial credit card payment of $75 to complete your registration. Upon enrollment, you will be automatically scheduled for up to four additional payments, which will be collected on the 10th of each month, beginning Julty 10th. Automated payments will be scheduled for July 10th, August 10th, September 10th and October 10th.


When is an Automated Payment Plan required?

A: An Automated Payment Plan is required for any account that is not paid-in-full at the time they wish to check out equipment.


Q: How do I set up an Automated Payment Plan?

A: You may set up an Automated Payment Plan during the registration process or by logging into your Member Account at any time. The login can be found at the top left of our home page.


Q: Is it possible to pay by check?

A: Though we prefer online payment registration, we certainly accept check payments. Please mail your registration payments to:

West Linn Youth Football
19363 Willamette Drive
PMB 201
West Linn, OR 97068