Equipment: Safety & Maintenance

Document Link: 2013 Equipment Loan Agreement

In Football Season Equipment Care:

The bulleted information below can be used as a cleaning guide throughout the season. Pads and Helmet as a practice do not need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. "All in one pants" and regular pants (with removable pads) will more than likely need cleaning on a regular basis.

- Pads: Softly scrub with with soapy sponge. Towel dry. Air dry overnight.

- Shoulder pads: Wipe with soapy sponge. Towel dry excess water. Lightly spray with Fabreeze (NOT Lysol). Air dry overnight.

- Helmet: Wash with soapy sponge inside and out to remove dirt. Remove the cheek pads and chin strap and softly scrub. Remove the mouth guard and keep or throw away (do not turn it in). Make sure to clean the points where the face mask meets the helmet - grass and mud can get lodged in the crevices. Thoroughly remove all temporary tape and tape residue. PLEASE LEAVE the burgundy and black stripes and S's. Towel dry everything. Air dry overnight.

- Game Jersey: Machine wash on gentle cycle. Hang up to air dry overnight (jerseys should NEVER be machine-dried).

- Pants/belt: Machine wash. Dry (dryer ok).

- All-in-one pants: Machine wash. Hang up to air dry overnight (all-in-ones should not be machine-dried). If the hip pad is curled over from previous season use, simply place weight on flat surface as they dry.

Returning Your Equipment:

Thank you for your diligence and care of our West Linn Youth Football equipment - your efforts help to keep our costs down!

- Thoroughly clean your gear: See cleaning instructions above. If not cleaned properly it will be stored in bad condition through the winter, which can shrink the duration of seasonal use.

- Prepare gear to be turned in: Once everything is completely dry, place it all in a plastic bag and ensure your child's name is clearly & securely attached to the bag.

- Turn in your gear as directed by your Head Coach: For the 2013 season, our return process may change to so that we can ensure that all gear is returned. Your head coaches will have the necessary details as the season draws to a close. Addtionally, you will likely receive an email communication on this subject.

If at any time during the season, you feel that there is an issue with your child's football equipment, please discuss this with your Head Coach immediately. You may also contact the Equipment Management board member (Tim Bell)