Boundary Information & Verification

The boundary for the West Linn Youth Football League is determined by the West Linn High School boundaries established and maintained by the West Linn - Wilsonville School district.

In Boundary:

If your home address falls within the boundary so that your children would normally attend West Linn High School, you can go through the standard registration process for West Linn Youth Football. In the event that you reside within our boundary and wish to participate with another youth football organization, please use the form below and contact the youth organization (Other TVYFL organizations) that you wish to play for to determine their petition process.

Out of Boundary:

If your address DOES NOT fall within the established boundary of West Linn High School, you have two options.

A) Verify what high school boundary you are in (Other TVYFL organizations) and sign up for participation in the youth program that is associated with that boundary.

B) Once you determine what high school boundary you live in, if you still want your child to play in the West Linn Youth Football program, you will need to go through the waiver process. Boundary waivers should only be pursued in the instance where your child intends to attend West Linn High School and should not be used as a way to play for an organization based on preference. To file a waiver, please do the following:

1 - Download & fill out the TVYFL BOUNDARY WAIVER FORM. Please note: the "Home Association" is the association that operates within the boundary that you reside in.

2 - Mail the completed waiver form as soon as possible to our League President at:

West Linn Youth Football
19363 Willamette Drive
PMB 201
West Linn, OR 97068

3 - Go through the standard registration process within our site, to ensure a spot is available for your child. When registering, please put "Boundary Waiver Required" in the Additional Information field. This will ensure that we properly identify and track the waiver requirement.

4 - Our President will then submit all waiver requests for approval to the appropriate TVYFL youth organization. In the event your waiver request is not approved, you will then need to register for the organization whose boundary you reside in. For any waivers that do not receive approval, a full reimbursement (via check) of your registration fees will be provided.

West Linn Youth Football policy does not permit the recruitment of players and requires that the WLYF Board review each case independently to ensure that the granting of, or the acceptance of a waiver is not predatory or of a recruiting nature.

Private-schooled or home-schooled children must also use the school district boundaries to determine what youth program they are eligible to participate in. For children who may reside in more than one residence, "Primary Residency" (in the case of dual custody) is used to determine what boundary that child falls within.

Verifying My Boundary:

If you are unsure as to what high school boundary you reside in, please use the following website to verify:


1) Accept the initial disclaimer

2) Type in your home address

3) Follow the "View Map" link

4) School boundary information can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen, within "Tax Information" section