Common Questions & Answers

The following page contains the most common questions related to the West Linn Youth Cheer program.

Specific questions regarding our upcoming 2018-19 will be posted closer to April registration. If you have an immediate question that is not addressed here, please contact Melia Chinn

What are our PERFORMANCE expectations?

When at games, cheerleaders should be in uniform and operate as a team. You are expected to be on time, dressed, hair up in a high ponytail, shoes on and prepared for games and practices. No jewelry will ever be allowed at practice, games or competition. This is an OCCA and NFHS governing body rule that needs to be followed. So, if you have a new piercing, you will be asked to have it removed while at practice. Nails need to be kept below end of fingertip and no artificial nails will be allowed. Nail polish is acceptable at practices ONLY. Nail polish is not allowed for games or competitions.

What are BEHAVIOR expectations?

This consists of being well behaved, demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times, and following all West Linn-Wilsonville School District Rules and Guidelines for students and athletes. You must maintain a pleasant and positive attitude when representing West Linn Youth Cheer at games or events. Absolutely NO profane language, or negative talk or language will be accepted. This also applies to what you post on a public domain like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Anonymous, etc.


Uniforms, jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. may only be worn when representing West Linn Youth Cheer at times designated by the coaches. If you choose to quit the team, you may no longer wear any West Linn Youth Cheer items, as long as it is used by the squad, at any school events. Cheerleaders in uniform or anything else cheer related must always conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a West Linn Youth Cheerleader.

What does GAME AND PRACTICE TIME look like?

During practices and games, the team is expected to be ready to work as a team. Be ready and arrive 15 minutes early, in the correct uniform and ready to practice or perform. You need to be focused on your team and not on your surroundings or friends. During game time, you are required to stay on the floor with your team until the half-time break. Cheerleaders should not be socializing with friends or family during practice or game times. All Cell phone use is prohibited during team activities. Team time is a cell phone free zone.


Yes! All good athletes must have an awareness of proper nutrition, exercise, and wellness:

  • The importance of sleep
  • Keeping your body well hydrated
  • Proper nutrition to support your body and provide energy for practice and performances
  • The importance of a dynamic warmup