Steve Forsyth Memorial Scholarship & Volunteer Award

Steven Matthew Forsyth - An assistant coach in 2010, pumping up the team before kick-off in the 5th/6th grade championship game (Nov '10)

In December of 2012, shortly after watching and supporting his son Alex's 8th grade team win their championship and complete an undefeated season, Steve Forsyth was lost in the Clackamas Town Center tragedy. As we've all seen and come to expect in these types of situations, the West Linn community rallied around the Forsyth family, as well as each other and we remain committed to support the family and carry on Steve's legendary optimistic views on life...not to mention his unforgetable non-stop humor.

Steve with his son Alex after the 2012 varsity
championship game (Nov '12)

The initials "SMF", serve as a remembrance of Steve and the virtues he held and a call to us all to remain strong, a demand for us to continue to live life each day to it's fullest and to take care of one another as if you were our own. West Linn Youth Football and those who knew him well, will never forget Steve. To honor & pay tribute, West Linn Youth Football has worked to estalish the following:

  • The Steve Forsyth Memorial WLYF Scholarship - This scholarship will be awarded each year to a family in need. Steve was always there for the boys and he never wanted anyone to miss out on the opportunity or the fun. This scholarship will ensure each year that someone who wants to play, gets to play!

    Our appreciation & thanks go out to The Reed Family for establishing this annual scholarship.

  • The Steve Forsyth Parent Volunteer Award - Steve stepped up every year, in every sport wherever he was needed. In 2012, he played a key role on his son's TVYFL Championship Team, where he was the videographer, a motivator to players & coaches alike and a huge supporter of all members of the team & coaching staff. His role in that team's success is a reminder that every time our kids take the field, they both represent and are supported by our entire community. Each year West Linn Youth Football will recognize one parent volunteer who exemplifies this same selfless passion for doing their part to help our kids achieve their dreams.

Steve filming the beginnings of the 8th grade championship game celebration (Nov '12)

To Steve & his family...we love you and support you!

Never Forget

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