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    Our Mission

    The West Linn Youth Football organization is a non-profit organization that supports, encourages and enables the student athletes in our community to enjoy the sport of tackle football. We are committed to providing quality coaching and support that promotes teamwork, builds player self-esteem and increases knowledge and skill in a safe and positive environment.

    Core Values

    Within our programs, we are committed and focused on building and enhancing the Character, Integrity, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect and Leadership of our players and the community of West Linn that we serve. We believe strengthening these values are important to the growth of our youth and will aid their development into active successful members of our community and society.

    We will work at every level of the program, with the help of the parents and members of the community, to enthusiastically instill in our student athletes how to positively deal with the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment and the spirit of community.

    Team News

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    West Linn Youth Football - TVYFL  

    19363 Willamette Drive

    PMB 201

    West Linn, OR  97068