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Registration for the Fall 2018 West Linn Youth Football program will remain open until July 31st.

If you have any questions, please contact our registrar (Janet Harcek) at, or 330-807-4131.

Sibling Discount

1st player per family $325
2nd player per family $300
3rd player per family $300

Before You Register

Prior to selecting the registration link below, we ask that you read the following pages and take any necessary actions.

- This page
- Our Registration FAQs page
- The Registration Policies page
- Our Boundary Information page

When registering, please be sure to fill out each and every line item. If a line item doesn't seem applicable, please use "N/A". This will help ensure that your registration is fully complete and that we are in compliance. We appreciate your attention to detail during this process.

After You Register

After you complete the registration process you WILL receive a confirmation email with two forms attached (in one file). If you do not receive an email shortly after completing the registration process, please review our Registration FAQs page to troubleshoot the issue.

The TWO Forms:

- The first form is your Registration Form, which MUST be signed, dated and mailed to the WLYF organization. Due to registration requirements of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League (TVYFL), we MUST have the original printed, signed & dated form on file. Hand-written or photocopied forms CAN NOT and WILL NOT be accepted. Please do not attach your child's picture to this form, as the league will do this at a later time.

- The second form is the Medical Release Form, which MUST be signed and dated by you and your child's physician before your child can practice. Stamped signatures are not accepted by TVYFL. Once this form has the two required signatures, dates, etc., it is ready to be turned in. This form must be the approved TVYFL version that is attached to this year's registration process. Generic doctor's office forms or prior year's forms can not be used.

It is likely that this will require a youth sports physical with your doctor, so we recommend making an appointment, immediately following your completion of this registration process.

To Complete Registration

Both signed forms must be mailed together, to:

West Linn Youth Football
19363 Willamette Drive
PMB 201
West Linn, OR 97068

For other questions or details regarding registration, please visit our Registration FAQs page.

If you have any questions or experience issues during this process, please contact our league registrar, Janet Harcek at: